Thursday, July 07, 2005

SAIS coming this AUGUST

I finally finished working on the script of the 11th Kultura play called "SAIS." Rehearsals have started and I am so excited to work with the new talents of the University as well as the veterans. This play is actually more inspired than adapted from the Pirandello play "Six Characters in search of an Author."

This will probably be my last play for a long time as I take a sabattical from writing plays...unless of course something comes up that I will have to write to pay for my rent.

The play may be weird for some people as I will be tackling my own writing process and my beliefs about art and theater in this play. The story goes--five characters from my old plays arrive at rehearsals to stop my supposed "last play."

I haven't written the ending but it's all in my head already. The cast and crew are in the dark as well about how the play will end. This should be a very interesting experiment.


I'm still working on leaving for London to take a Masters in Scriptwriting or Filmmaking. So before I leave, if Carlos is not staging this for Every Man Productions, I shall be staging it myself somewhere in ortigas. I just need to find the money to pay for the place...If I had a house here, I'd stage it in the bedroom. The staging of this play has long been overdue. If only I had a peso every time this play is forwarded in the internet, I would have the money to stage it.

Hint...hint. For those who enjoyed reading it...baka gusto ninyo akong pondohan. :)


  1. sige. donate ako ng 100php. =)

  2. not related:
    sked ng chuva ni jordan. pick a date. dali!
    july 13 10pm CCP LITTLE THEATER
    july 16 630pm CCP MULTI-PURPOSE HALL
    july 17 430pm CCP LITTLE THEATER

  3. xtian!!!!!


  4. hey christian,
    dont know if you still remember me? worked with roc for a semester,and ended up being good friends with beans and kendrick :)

    anyway, miss ko na manood ng play mo! ana ansao and I were just talking about this actually :)

    All the best sa London :) Ingat!