Tuesday, May 10, 2005

return from hell

finally, i decided to resurrect this blog. if i am to find my muse, i must at least force myself to write.


my last two plays were all bitter and heartless: May Day Eve and Clytemnestra. Another heartless and more intellectual masturbation play is coming this August courtesy of Kultura--SAIS. My adaptation of Luigi Piradello's Six Characters in search of an Author. Darn. Act one is due Monday and all I have written are three pages which I will probably throw out the window.


To all the people who's been waiting to see the first official staging of this infamous play, let's hope the July staging pushes through. Carlos CariƱo of every man directs it but he's having problems with casting and marketing it.

Twenty Questions is finally going to see light in print. Someone from the Cavite State University is publishing it as part of a text book. Damn. I'm now in a text book. Funny that the Filipino teacher who taught me poetry never approved of textbooks. I wonder what he's gonna say when he sees my name in print. Hell, I could use the money. And argue with me to death but I believe high school students should read it. IT'S STILL COOL TO BE A VIRGIN godamit!


Watch out for Kangkong Jam's upcoming flicks. Filming starts next month. For updates, visit our blog.


  1. eks, you're a blogger pala. i shall link you.

  2. nagising na rin ulit ang rebolusyon na na nag-umpisa sa kama!

  3. Hey X, here's my blog address. www.ciaconfessions.blogspot.com

    =) buti nabuhay ka na. See you soon dito sa Singapore la ha? I will think about your proposition -- malay mo magkapera din ako in the future to produce your films.

    Gud lak sa pagsusulat parekoy. Sulat lang ng sulat hanggang makabangga ka ng pader na ginto hehe

    Mrs. J

  4. Hey X! Didn't know you had a blog. I heard a lot has happened since I spoke with you last. I hope all is well with you. I'll add you to my site. I miss our theater days!

    My blog is littleredfox.blogspot.com. Hope to see you soon! I may be visiting Manila in April of 2006.

  5. ha!
    link kita! link moko.