Monday, December 13, 2010

Updating my 30 List

I have 4 months to accomplish everything! Goodluck sa akin.
So far, nasaan na ba ako? Mabalikan nga ang 30 list ko:

1. Shoot my own film - goodluck to me. a short will probably do. after my recovery. haha.
2. Win another Palanca - won for KBC: Samahan ng mga bitter!
3. Direct a Kultura play - i'm directing "Servant of Two Masters" for February
4. Finish a full length play - currently rewriting "zero" and "sais," also working on "eX: sampung kwento ng naunsyaming pag-ibig"
5. Finish a new musicale (Luna, prinsesa ng buwan) - this one i might do abroad.
6. Apply for any foreign grant to study abroad
7. Leave the country for a while - sana this christmas or before summer. singapore.
8. Fill up my sketch pad with drawings
9. Camp on a mountain - conquered Mt. Pulag last weekend! Sakit sa katawan!
10. Kiss someone I just met - not proud of this story but definitely one for the books. haha.
11. Kiss an old romantic flame - mas masarap pala pag bawal. haha.
12. Train in a martial art - i resolve to do boxing early next year
13. Work out / play basketball again
14. Write poetry again - trying but can't finish one.
15. Go hitchhiking / backpacking - JJ, help!
16. Raise ACASIA's first Million - malapit na.
17. Go on a vacation with my family - went to Macau last october.
18. Learn to paint - wiz already gave me my paint set, canvass and brush. now pick it up!
19. Relearn the violin
20. Learn a foreign language
21. Apply for my PhD
22. Stage a new original that I wrote - i hope to stage KBC this march.
23. Say "I love you" to people I couldn't say it to
24. Publish a book (of plays?) - tatlong utos quotable quotes???
25. Finish my thesis - working on it.
26. Finish a full-length screenplay - finished one for jourdan. an action comedy
27. Write a graphic novel
28. Write a new song
29. Enter cinemalaya
30. Fall in love

shet. 23 to go.

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