Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My 30 List

I'm turning thirty in a few days. So I came up with a list, some kind of bucket list. 30 things to do on my thirtieth year on this planet. (In no particular order)

1. Shoot my own film
2. Win another Palanca
3. Direct a Kultura play
4. Finish a full length play
5. Finish a new musicale (Luna, prinsesa ng buwan)
6. Apply for any foreign grant to study abroad
7. Leave the country for a while
8. Fill up my sketch pad with drawings
9. Camp on a mountain
10. Kiss someone I just met
11. Kiss an old romantic flame
12. Train in a martial art
13. Work out / play basketball again
14. Write poetry again
15. Go hitchhiking / backpacking
16. Raise ACASIA's first Million.
17. Go on a vacation with my family
18. Learn to paint
19. Relearn the violin
20. Learn a foreign language
21. Apply for my PhD
22. Stage a new original that I wrote
23. Say "I love you" to people I couldn't say it to
24. Publish a book (of plays?)
25. Finish my thesis
26. Finish a full-length screenplay
27. Write a graphic novel
28. Write a new song
29. Enter cinemalaya
30. Fall in love

wanna help me accomplish any of these?


  1. yung number 12 sigurado na yan! - marlowe

  2. alam mo namang susuportahan kita sa karamihan ng mga nilista mo dito. ;)

    backpacking!!! :) tara! :) -kateh

  3. Ang landi naman neto haha! Ayos, sana macomplete mo. Tanda mo na! =))

  4. chong, text ka lang, haha. at sabi nga ni kateh, "susuportahan kita sa karamihan ng nilista mo dito". (kateh, 2010)

    sama din ako sa backpacking! happy birthday! one on one inuman natin, game na! hahaha!!

  5. number 7: punta ka dito sa Amsterdam! You are welcome anytime! -Adam